3D Solution

Active Vision

A new series of presentation devices called The New Advert is addressed primarily to customers seeking innovative and sensational solutions for product presentation. Our proprietary equipment allows for a completely unique way of presentation. The device uses a hologram effect to enhance the presentation in real-time or it can entirely replace the object with a virtual representation, attracting the customers interest to an even greater extent.

Precise execution

Impressive 3D visualization

innovative solution

Simple and fast service

Active Vision P32``/P22``


Trilateral pyramid allows for additional visibility of the holograms on display

LCD Screen 32″/22″

Active Vision B32T/B22T

1 sided

New Advert displays  smooth animated holograms in high definition

LCD Screen 32″/22″

Active Vision B32/B22

1-sided walled

Additional walls on both side of the display allow the viewer to focus on the presented holograms

LCD Screen 32″/22″


The New Advert is available in several versions, in one or three sided 3D screen. Pyramid holographic is available in sizes ranging from the standard presenter model of 22″ by 24”, 32 ‘and ending with the the XL Box diagonal of 40″. On request we can produce devices in smaller or larger size, suited to a specific product presentation.


Sub Title

Each model can be personalized according to specific customer requirements. Logo placement, original animations and housing tailored specifically to help in an effective promotion of the brand.

Pyramid New Advert P20

Holographic animation can be applied to a real object.

Piramid New Advert B20

We can prepare original animations to effectively attract attention of your clients.

Piramid New Advert B30

Holographic presentation looks great in any size.

New Advert

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