Case Study


Modus infokiosk with a robust information system


Project for the company Bosch – one goal: maximum efficiency in employee access to key information.

K2 – Kastor

Multi-purpose totem

K2 – Kastor

Kastor was a part of the advertising campaign “Experience it in IMAX.” In shopping centers in Krakow, Lodz and Warsaw

Palace in Chrzęsne

Multimedia Table with wooden housing

Multi-Touch Table at the Palace

Elegant spaces of Palace Chrzęsne required as an elegant multimedia solution


Self-service Solution

Neosystem – Self-service Kiosk

We designed a solution perfect for a new kind of hospital television.


Display Infokiosk Dorado

Tubądzin – Terminals for product presentation

We have delivered over 140 models of Dorado infokiosk all over Europe.

Ferrero Factory

Logistics solution

Ferrero – logistic infokiosk solution

In 2015 the Italian company Ferrero wanted to implement a system of kiosks that would control the passage of vehicles in one of the largest confectionery factories in Poland.

Meon at the fair

Navigation and promotional solution

Meon – Terminals for navigation and promotion

Modified InfoKiosk Creo with a powerful navigation system designed to combine easy information access with effective advertising through digital signage

Epic at Jurowiecka Mall

Navigation Infokiosks

Jurowiecka Mall – Navigation Terminals

Epic Infokiosk with a robust Interactive navigation system and shop infromation panels installed at the Jurowiecka Mall in Bialystok

Multi-touch table Abla

Interactive office solution

Office multimedia table

A great tool for information exchange and something that will definitely impress your clients and partners. Not to mention it looks great in any office space.

Clinical Hospital MSW in Warsaw

Kiosks for people with disabilities

Szpital Kliniczny- Seria Helper

Terminals with adjustable height monitor provide easy access to information to people in wheelchairs

New Technology Zone

Kiosk with motion detector

Leap Motion – Science Fair

A combination of interesting design with the latest technology creates a truly unique experience.

Coca-cola Display

Digital Signage in an attractive housing

Coca-Cola XXL – Digital Signage

The screen is not the only important part of an effective digital signage display

Virtual Advisor at the fair

A guide to a business fair in Bialystok

Virtual advisor- WKG 2015

During the Second Edition of the Eastern Economic Congress in Bialystok, our guests needed a reliable guide

Chopin Airport - Momentus

Multi-touch Infokiosk

Momentus – Chopin Airport

Momentus is an interactive multimedia kiosk made of Corian characterized by an almost horizontal arrangement of the screen

INFOTab at the fair

Small form - great possibilities

InfoTab – Exhibition at the Fair

Handy and mobile Infotabs were originally created for fairs, becoming a valuable part of any promotional stand.

Ekspozycja sklepowa - Infotaby

Mała forma - wielkie możliwości

INFOTAB – Shop exhibition

InfoTabs are kind of mobile kiosk devices, based on touch technology used in today’s tablets.

InfoKiosk w Muzeum Ziemi Wschowskiej

Wystawa multimedialna

Interactive museum exhibit

Museums are increasingly investing in modern forms of communication, such as through the use of multimedia presentations

Infototem in the Parliamentary office

Multimedia touch totems

Infokiosks in the Parliment

Large infokiosks in the Parliamentary office provide access to the internet and an extensive database for convenient navigation among many diffrent rules and regulations


Infototem at the Fair

Luna – home decor fair

This luxury Luna is an interactive totem from the series Master, with special leather finish, designed to present home decor products at the trade fair in Poznan.


Most convenient way to pay

Cube – Self-service payment solution

Infokiosk Cube is a fully self-service solution capable of card payments and printing tickets.

University infokiosk

Simple, yet very efficient

Modus at the University

Standard Modus Base kiosks installed at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Szczecin facilitate students access to important information.


Infokiosk na hali produkcyjnej

Infokiosk with an advanced cooling system

Infokiosk Dorado designed for the company Gerresheimer had to cope with difficult conditions and high temperatures. The solution was an advanced air cooling system.


Modular totem perfect for trade shows

Mobile totem for fairs

This version of the totem Libra has a compact, modular execution, making it easy to transport in a specially designed box to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Multimedia infokiosk for W. Awruk company

32 inch Dorado suited for multimedia presentations


Infokiosk Dorado allows for impressive presentations of various multimedia content. Using the terminal W. Awruk company can boast an impressive portfolio of interesting realization displayed on the 32 inch interactive screen.