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About Us

IMedia Multimedia Systems is a company that started in 1997, and in nearly two decades became on of the most dynamically developing companies in the polish IT sector. Since 2001 we intensively developed a specialized department of our company called „Infokioski” which deals with implementation of innovative information systems through different kinds of multimedia terminals.

Using advanced touch screen capabilities we can provide you with leading edge advertising and information tools suited to a wide range of markets, environments and applications. We are producing interactive kiosk and totem solutions made with stainless steel, painted steel, wood, corian, etc., with a wide range of standard models to choose from. All kiosks can be equipped with high-performance computers, with any kind of CPU, GPU and memory optimised for the specific task they are required to perform. Furthermore we have the ability to produce custom kiosks tailored directly to customer specifications. All of our models have a robust design, and can be equipped with anti-vandalism protection with security locks, extra cooling systems and sound systems.


All solutions are equipped with professional monitor displays from 19” to 23,5” and 32’’ to 65” for larger kiosks, terminals or totems. Monitors are integrated with sensitive touchscreen overlays (based on infrared or capacitive tech) and thanks to the high level of brightness and HD rsolution thay are always displaying sharp images that can be manipulated by the end user. Every kiosk model can have (optional) anti-vandalism capabilities with all of the components produced in a way to prevent acts of vandalism, this includes installing a protective layer on the screen and use of durable input methods like steel keyboard and mouse wheel, etc.

At Infokiosk we take pride in our sophisticated production chain wich enables us to create new exciting multimedia tech from the ground up. Each and every solution from our standard offer can be modified and redesigned according to our clients wishes. On request we are able to creata a casing on any shape or color complete with fully personalized elements of visual identification. We can also produce new designs made accordingly to the guidelines of our clients. When the customer has requirements for a specific installation you can give us a general idea and the design team can make sample visualisations even before we commit to a project.

Infokiosk has a well defined process through which we can identify the needs and requirements of customers, in order to plan and deliver services that meet and exceed their expectations. Our in-house product design department is able to develop any equipment with custom design to fit the demands of each
customer and every specific project can be proposed on the fly with rapid prototyping and draft visualizations that helps us to always be with our clients on the same page

To guarantee the maximum quality and precision of our solutions, a qualified technical team assembles every component and product in our facilities, and quality tests are performed before delivery to the client. We pride ourselves on producing equipment where most of the finishing touches is done by hand, achieving unprecedented accuracy. All hardware components come from the finest brands: Toshiba, Dell, Asus and Samsung are just a few among our partners. All components have a producer warranty that works on site.