Momentus X

The highest precision of workmanship makes the slim and stable MONUMENTUS X particularly compelling.

The contact edge between the screen and the body is limited to the minimum, which allows easy cleaning.

This totem is the essence of style and elegance.

The slim silhouette and subtle body details will discreetly but stylishly merge with the environment.

Remarkable details

The open-work, backlit detail under the screen is an eye-catching decorative element that makes the totem seem alive.

Extra options include LED backlighting of the vertical edge and a broa d range of screen sizes. This makes this model universally suitable for a wide range of different applications.

Simplicity and elegance

Make it as you like it

Choose a color for the body and the backlight.

The full custom version can also include an inexLED screen in the decorative bottom panel to “reinvigorate” the lower part of the totem.

The open-work element can also be customized – you can design your own pattern.

Technical data

The body is made of powder coated steel sheet. The base is equipped with a cable gland and can be secured to the ground.

Basic configuration

Optional equipment

Certificates and declarations


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