Epic kiosks at Jurowiecka Shopping Mall

Epic kiosks have been deployed in the newly opened JUROWIECKA Shopping Mall in Białystok.

Infokiosks are a part of the gallery’s internal information system and will also include the Way Finder application in the future.

The minimalist design of the devices fits perfectly with the clean and spacious interiors of the Gallery, and the 46″ touch screen provides a perfect information display space.

Outdoor and indoor Slim totems in Ełk

Nearly thirty elegant totems are deployed across Ełk, both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to this investment, the city residents gained access to information in many parts of the city.

A simple and elegant form and the materials used, such as stainless steel and aluminum, are just some of the distinguishing features of this project.
The blue body brings to mind the blue of the lakes surrounding Ełk.

Modus Custom

Although Modus has a standard 22″ or 24″screen, we will do all we can to satisfy our customers.

Large 27″ touch screens are really impressive, and the clean and simple Modus form proved to be perfect in this deployment.

We are happy that we have successfully completed this project thanks to production flexibility.

Something out of this world ...

This project is a real masterpiece.

More than 10 years have passed since its implementation, but it is still one of the most interesting deployments.

The original vacuum-formed Coca-Cola bottle and the 19″ screen mounted in the upper “plume” make it a one-of-a-kind project.
This is the proof that nothing is impossible for us.

Kastor w IMAX'ie

Kastor is a model of our Totem which is particularly easily customizable.

This is why we chose this model for this project.
Kastor has been used in a series of promotions in Cinema City cinemas.

A popular saying states that „a picture is worth a thousand words”, so watch Kastor in action.
This is what our products are made for.