Matołek the Billy-Goat and the legendary Pacanów

Have you heard about Koziołek Matołek (Matołek the Billy-Goat) and Pacanów? You surely have. This is the main protagonist of one of the first and most famous Polish comics. The story is about a quest that Matołek the Billy-Goat undertakes to find the legendary town of Pacanów, whose inhabitants are rumored to make shoes for goats. The adventures of Matołek the Billy-Goat are so unusual and creative that they have a lot of loyal and devoted fans, both young and old. Decades have passed since Matołek the Billy-Goat was brought to life in 1932, but the story still enjoys unflagging popularity. 4 comic books about the adventures of Matołek the Billy-Goat were published, which proves that the story itself and its title character have become very popular. Matołek the Billy Goat is a character so nice, funny and kind that it stays with you forever, just after the first encounter.


The European Fairy Tale Center of the Matołek the Billy Goat in Pacanów

Waldemar Dąbrowski, a former Minister of Culture, came up with a great idea to propagate the story of Matołek the Billy Goat in 2003. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the publication of the Matołek the Billy Goat comic books, Pacanów was officially appointed as the European Capital of Fairy Tales. Two years later, an institution was established under the graceful name of the European Fairy Tale Center of the Matołek the Billy Goat in Pacanów. In a wide-ranging series of cultural events and celebrations, Pacanów was promoted as a place especially worth visiting. Pacanów, situated in the Świętokrzyskie region, amazes and enchants with its landscape, among which you can find picturesque fields, meadows and fairy-tale hills. This is a perfect place for this type of venture.



Learning through play

Matołek the Billy Goat has been entertaining and teaching children for many years now, leaving no one indifferent. During special exhibitions, activities, and multiple events, the staff of the Fairy Tale Center present the adventures and history of Matołek the Billy Goat, who becomes the best friend of both younger and older visitors. The young and the old, with bated breath and joy on the face, immerse themselves in this story and become enchanted by Matołek the Billy Goat and Pacanów, popularizing this place all over the world. Many fans visit the Fairy Tale Center, bringing with them more people who want to get to know the story of our brave and tireless hero.


The history of Matołek the Billy Goat

The European Fairy Tale Center of the Matołek the Billy Goat in Pacanów is a must-see for all fans of Polish fairy tales, especially comics. The character was created by Kornel Makuszyński (story) and Marian Walentynowicz (art) and became a cultivated classic thanks to the imagination and enormous talent of its authors. On its way to Pacanów, Matołek the Billy Goat visits America, China, Africa, Afghanistan and even the Moon. Tireless and determined, Matołek the Billy Goat travels across countries and continents on a comet, rainbow, bird wings, in a fishing boat, on the back of a whale, and is even fired from a cannon to find a land where, according to the author: “blacksmiths are so clever that they can make shoe for goats so that they can walk in full glory”. The story of the good-natured Matołek the Billy Goat has a happy ending – after many struggles and travels, the protagonist finds the town of Pacanów to the delight of readers.



The advanced teaching facilities of the European Fairy Tale Center

The European Fairy Tale Center in Pacanów is not only about Matołek the Billy Goat, although this is the main host of this venue. The European Fairy Tale Center is also a refuge for Tinkerbell, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. Matołek the Billy Goat has many companions dear to his heart and lives in Pacanów among other outstanding fairytale figures. The Fairy Tale Center occupying an area of 1750 sqm has a fairy-tale exhibition (800 sqm), a Library of Children’s and Youth Literature, a reading room and a bookstore, a “Jewelry Box” cinema with 50 seats, a theater room with 150 seats, two comfortable and functional workshop rooms, as well as office premises. The Fairy Tale Center is a magical place, also thanks to the use of the latest multimedia solutions at interactive exhibitions. A complex of gardens, some of them featuring rare species of plants, creates beautiful and charming surroundings for the main building. The whole garden is enchanted and everyone who enters it will leave it as a different person because they will see unreal things, like the pie in the sky. The Fairy Tale Center combines traditional fairy tales with modern technologies used for displaying contents. The Fairy Tale Center is a gem on a global scale refined to the smallest detail. The multitude of experiences in the Fairy-tale World: the Land of Soria Moria, Theater, Cinema, Bookstore, the Garden and the Park, will be enjoyable for everyone. The European Fairy Tale Center is a truly unique education and entertainment spot for all those who love fairy tales across Europe. Many cultural and educational initiatives were created for the first time in this magical land and successfully captivated crowds of people who are thirsty for some adventure. These include:

  • The Fairy-tale Orchestra of Christmas Charity,

  • The Festival of Games and Comics for Children,

  • Fairy-tale Theater Day, May Picnic of Literature,

  • International Festival of Children’s Culture,

  • Fairytale St. Nicholas’ Day.


And this is only the beginning. The European Tale Center is still evolving and will definitely surprise us more than once.


Dedicated solutions

We have contributed to this wonderful initiative by delivering dedicated infokiosks that display interactive contents, making it easier for newcomers to navigate around the Educational Park of the Academy of Fairy Tales, which is still under construction. The official opening of the additional highlights of the European Fairy Tale Center is scheduled to take place in April 2021. We cannot wait!

Infokiosks will welcome everyone who comes to visit this magic land. The information displayed by infokiosks will save a lot of time and users will be able to learn about many interesting facts. We are proud that we have made a contribution to this beautiful and fabulous place.

A trip to the land of fairy tales is truly magical and carries the universal truth about the victory of good over evil, making dreams come true and the reward that awaits us when we do not give in to adversities. The timeless message of the Fairy Tale Center and all that you can experience there will always be up-to-date and valuable.